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Keep Active and Exercise in Pregnancy

Reviewed by James Brann, M.D.

Keeping Active has Great Advantages

Not only does staying physically active keep you healthy, it can relieve stress during pregnancy.

What can be said about exercising during your pregnancy that hasn't been said before? The biggest misconception about being pregnant is that you are now eating for 2, but in all reality you only need to be consuming 300 more calories a day, this notion in turn leads to dreaded weight gain, aka baby weight.

Keeping active while pregnant can have great advantages for you and your baby. Keep in mind that it is always important to consult with your OBGYN before starting a workout routine, just to be safe.

Ok, you are pregnant and you don't want to gain weight, you feel like your body is growing at the speed of light, this is normal. Now is not the time to sign up for your cities 10K, however if you have always been a very active person, continue with your routine.

If you have always been a jogger, continue with your runs. If you have mostly lived a sedentary life it is important to start out slow, walk before you run as they say. If you begin with an easy, light workout and gradually advance to something more moderate, that would be ideal.

This may all be advice you've heard before, but what about all the benefits that go along with staying lean and mean? Did you know that doing certain yoga poses can be beneficial during labor to help you control your breathing and keep you calm? Swimming and stationary bicycling can also help build endurance for your delivery. Keep in mind that when doing any physical activity that you listen to your body, if you can't talk while you exercise you are probably pushing yourself too hard. Try to stay hydrated and cool, you do not want to overheat, especially in the 1st trimester, overheating can lead to birth defects. Also avoid exercises that require you to lie on your back this can limit blood flow to your baby.

Not only does staying physically active keep you healthy, it can relieve stress and help you sleep better through the night. Some say working out through out your pregnancy can even shorten labor that in and of itself should be reason enough to start burning some calories today! Added bonuses are a healthy glow to your skin, boosted self -esteem, increased energy level and most importantly a healthy pregnancy for you and your baby. Make the decision to start your child's life healthy and plan an exercise routine with your doctor today.