Women's Healthcare Topics

Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices & Situations

Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs

There really is no safe amount of alcohol when you are pregnant.

Alcohol, tobacco and drugs are harmful to your unborn child.

Dyslexia and Smoking

When it comes to smoking during pregnancy, the best advice is this: don’t do it.

Smoking while pregnant is closely linked to dyslexia.

Drinking Alcohol

Can I drink an occasional glass of wine while pregnant?

Alcohol is often one of the most difficult 'indulgences' a mom-to-be might face.

Abusing Illegal Drugs

using illegal drugs during your pregnancy.

Using illegal substances during pregnancy can affect your baby.

Pesticide Linked to ADHD

prenatal exposure to widely used pesticides called organophosphates may increase your child's likelihood of developing attention disorders.

The Journal of Pediatrics states organophosphate pesticides may contribute to ADHD.

Does Your Pet Poses a Risk

 In general, pets are safe to be around during pregnancy.

The main concern of having cats in the house when you're pregnant is toxoplasmosis.

Who Is At Risk For Abuse?

Abuse during pregnancy can affect women from across all socio-economic or demographic backgrounds.

25% of women are physically or emotionally abused during pregnancy.

Smoking and Complications

Leg Cramps in Pregnancy

Smoking is perhaps one of the most dangerous habits a woman can engage in during pregnancy.