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Pregnancy Second Trimester
Weeks 13 thru 27

Pregnancy: Week 13

Find out about shortness of breath, recommended weight gain and more.

You are probably feeling remarkably better than you have in the previous weeks. Your should have a renewed sense of vigor.

Pregnancy: Week 14

Read about, mom's changes, exercising, constipation, weight gain and pregnancy health tips.

Your abdomen should start pouching out slightly. The uterus is just above your pubic bone, and this may give you a slightly rounder belly - but not too much.

Pregnancy: Week 15

Your bump is getting more noticeable. Find out about bladder infections, medication safety in pregnancy.

Now is a wonderful time to start talking to your baby. Your little bundle of joy's ears have developed to the point that he or she can hear some sounds.

Pregnancy: Week 16

You might be able to feel baby's tiny movements now. Find out about the AFP blood test.

Congratulations, you should be showing! You will be amazed at how fast your belly grows. It won't be long before you need to start shopping for maternity wear.

Pregnancy: Week 17

Learn about fetal development, mom's changes to expect, such as stress, heartburn and carpal tunnel syndrome.

As your belly gets larger, you should be aware that your center of gravity shifts upward. You may feel uneasy on your feet.

Pregnancy: Week 18

You can feel baby move now, find out the gender of your baby, and learn about increase appetite and pregnancy weight gain.

By now, you are probably anxious to feel your baby's first movements, called "quickening".

Pregnancy: Week 19

Learn about your weight gain, traveling and using hot tubs.

Your center of gravity has shifted upward and this change can be affecting your balance. You may even trip or fall a few times.

Pregnancy: Week 20

Learn about your baby's development, sleep problems, and ultrasounds in the second trimester.

You have reached your halfway mark - only 20 more weeks until your baby is born! A full-term baby may be born anytime between 37 and 42 weeks.

Pregnancy: Week 21

Read about exercise, stretch marks and fibroids.

The most magical parts of being pregnant if feeling your babies regular movements now.

Pregnancy: Week 22

Learn about stretch marks and other skin changes, plus are cosmetics products safe.

Don’t be surprised if strangers start to come up to you and want to touch your belly.

Pregnancy: Week 23

Learn about crazy mood swings, Braxton Hicks contractions and premature birth.

Try to get all the rest that you can. As your belly gets larger, sleeping may become difficult.

Pregnancy: Week 24

Learn about bonding with your baby while in the womb.

You should be enjoying your second trimester. Your pregnancy symptoms are generally mild.

Pregnancy: Week 25

 Read about what other pregnancy symptoms, gestational diabetes, and maternity leave guidelines.

It's time to discuss the details of your upcoming maternity leave. You want to be prepared.

Pregnancy: Week 26

 New pregnancy problems may start to plague you. Find out other pregnancy symptoms to expect; learn about preeclampsia.

Your weight may fluctuate from day to day due to water retention so try not to weigh every day.

Pregnancy: Week 27

learn about preterm labor, maternity leave, and over-the-counter medicine safety.

You may notice that some of your old pregnancy symptoms are coming back, such as fatigue!