Women's Healthcare Topics

Prenatal Care - Testing

Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP)

Make sure you understand that the AFP Tests are just screening tools ant not diagnostic.

Some states require you to undergo AFP screening.

Genetic and Birth Defects

Many babies that are born with a defect have parents that don't have any known risk factors.

Most babies are born healthy, but two out of every one hundred babies born do have a birth defect.

Gestational Diabetes

If your fasting blood glucose levels are higher than 126 mg/dL,you will be diagnosed with overt diabetes.

Between 24 and 28 weeks pregnant, all pregnant women will be screened for the Diabetes.

Paternity Testing

The benefits of the new paternity testing are numerous.

Doctor "I am just trying to figure out, who is the father of the baby”.

Routine Prenatal Tests

What tests will be done at my first prenatal visit?

Multiple tests, including blood tests, will be ordered at your first visit.

Down Syndrome Testing

What are the screening tests for Down syndrome

There are three different screening tests available for Down Syndrome.

Pregnancy Ultrasound

What Happens During a Pregnancy Ultrasound?

The second trimester ultrasound scan will be more in-depth than the one in the first trimester.