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What are Some Tips for Improving Sleep During Pregnancy?

Reviewed by James Brann, M.D.

Improving Sleep During Pregnancy

Learn how pregnancy pillows can help you sleep in pregnancy.

Have you ever seen a pregnancy pillow? A pregnancy pillow is nothing more than a long, sausage like pillow that runs the length of your body. The idea is simple and the benefits of using pregnancy pillows are amazing.

If you or someone you know is pregnant, you'll find a pregnancy pillow serves multiple purposes as well as helping you sleep. I found I used my pregnancy pillow as a couch cushion, floor mat and even traveling pillow throughout my pregnancies to ensure no matter where I went I had ample support and could rest easy.

Pregnancy pillows are ideal for any woman that suffers from sleep problems during pregnancy, leg cramps, back pain or related conditions. A pregnancy pillow even serves as a comfortable companion to your partner if they suffer from sympathetic back discomfort or have trouble sleeping during your pregnancy!

Sleep problems are quite problematic during pregnancy. Many women either have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep when pregnant. Pregnancy pillows can help you fall asleep and to stay asleep. But there is little you can do to stay asleep if you need to get up often in the night to use the bathroom. You can drink less water in the early evening, but you do need to make sure you are hydrated enough during the day.

There is a lot you can do however, to help fall asleep faster during pregnancy. Use of a pregnancy pillow is an ideal choice for women who have difficulty sleeping that can't get comfortable during pregnancy.

Pregnancy comes with many side effects, none the least of which include: leg cramps, constipation, urgent need to urinate, an active baby, backaches, increased dream frequency and worrying about the baby, life after baby and delivery. All of these can contribute to sleep problems during pregnancy. Getting to sleep is half the battle. Most women complain they have a difficult time falling asleep because they are not comfortable during pregnancy.

Here are some tips for getting to sleep faster and staying asleep during pregnancy:

  • Invest in one or more pregnancy pillows. A pregnancy pillow will help support your lower back and belly, making falling asleep a lot easier. If you have two you can easily roll from one to the other, or keep one upstairs and one downstairs in case you want to catch a nap during the day.

  • Take a warm bath before bedtime. This will help relax you and may help relieve leg cramps.

  • Limit your intake of fluids right before bed. You do need to stay hydrated, but the more water you drink right before bed the more likely you will have to urinate in the middle of the night.

  • Try stretching a bit before bedtime.

  • Do some deep breathing exercises to help relieve your tension and worries before bedtime.

  • Consider using a pregnancy pillow to help support your abdomen and a second pregnancy pillow behind your lower back to prevent rolling over in the middle of the night.

  • Consider using extra pregnancy pillows under your knees while sitting with your legs elevated during the day to help ease tension and swelling, which may get worse in the evenings and prevent comfortable sleeping.

Pregnancy pillows are a cost-efficient and simple way of assuring a few more zzz's during and after pregnancy. Remember that an investment in a pregnancy pillow during pregnancy is an investment in healthier and more comfortable sleep during pregnancy and after. You'd be surprised the number of families that use a pregnancy body pillow long after they are done having babies!


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