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Is Feeling Fatigue During Pregnancy Normal?

Reviewed by James Brann, M.D.

Fatique in Pregnancy

There are many reasons that your fatigue level rises during pregnancy. Your body is spending energy working to create and support your baby. The hormone progesterone rising levels can contribute to the feeling of fatigue.

Many pregnant women experience fatigue during the first trimester and report that this symptom improves during their second trimester. However, by the third trimester women report that their energy levels drop once again. Fatigue can also be a result of the additional weight your body is carrying around at this time. This contributes to feelings of discomfort and results in insomnia and cramping which makes it difficult to get enough rest.

Have you ever been this tired before in your entire life? You can't stop yawning, you feel as though you're a zombie, your limbs are heavy, and you just want to lie down. Anywhere. For many women, there's no such thing as enough sleep during the first trimester.

Is there anything I can do to wake up?

While it is normal to feel tired and have fatigue during pregnancy you may feel better by following these steps which can result in you having more energy throughout the day.

Learn about how common it is to feel sleepy during pregnancy.
  • Go to bed early. Try to get 8-10 hours of sleep per night.

  • Take a nap. Take a short 15 minute catnap each day.

  • Eat several healthy small meals during the day. This will help keep your energy level up and avoid that sluggish feeling due to inadequate nutrition.

  • Take care to eat nutritious food. Eliminate junk food which can cause you to feel tired during the day.


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