Women's Healthcare Topics

Body Changes to Expect

Excessive Saliva

Excessive saliva is not well know, but an expected change in pregnancy.

Excessive saliva is a lesser-known pregnancy symptom that’s surprising to the women it affects, “called ptyalism".

Hair and Nail Changes

The most common hair and nail changes in pregnancy are faster growth.

There are two physical changes that you may welcome whole-heartedly: the development of thicker hair & faster growing nails.


Hemorrhoids are very common in the later part of pregnancy.

If you experience pain or itching, in or around the rectum and bleeding, you may be surprised to find you have hemorrhoids.

Late Changes

The Third Trimester Continues to Produce Changes Both Externally and Internally

Pregnant women tend to forget that changes inside are occurring, as well as external changes.

Nose Bleeds (Epistaxis)

Many women will develop nosebleeds during pregnancy.

Nosebleeds during pregnancy, for the most part are common and quite harmless.

Physical Changes

Common physical changes in pregnancy you should learn about are stretch marks, nose bleeds and visual changes.

The most common physical changes in pregnancy are, weight gain, stretch marks, and vision.

Physical Consequences

Learn about the changes in pregnancy, delivery and post-partum.

The best things you can do to ensure a rapid recovery from the consequences of pregnancy is ...

Sleep Problems - Tips

Ideas that may help for improving your sleep time in Pregnancy

Pregnancy pillows are ideal for any woman that suffers from sleep problems during pregnancy.

Skin Care Tips

Learn about all the skin problems seen in pregnancy.

If you thought acne was a thing of the past you may be surprised with its return in pregnancy.

Skin Changes to Expect

Do you know all the skin changes should that you should expect?

From the "glow" of pregnancy to those unwanted stretch marks, skin changes are universal.

Stretch Marks Secrets

Be proactive to avoid the damage done to your skin and body from pregnancy.

Unsightly stretch marks are definitely not something a mother-to-be looks forward to.

Swelling (Edema) - Tips

Learn all the tips that you can take to reduce swelling in pregnancy.

Swelling is usually detected by the presence of pitting after pressure is applied to your swollen ankles.

Stuffy Nose (Rhinitis)

you will be more congested than normal in your pregnancy.

Feeling more congested than normal during your pregnancy? You are not alone!

Teeth and Gum

During pregnancy you your mouth and gums will have multiple changes.

To prevent gingivitis and gum disease during pregnancy, continue brushing and flossing.

Vaginal Discharge

Increased vaginal discharge in normal and expected in pregnancy

Most women experience higher levels of vaginal discharge during pregnancy, then when not pregnant.

Spider Veins

Learn how to prevent varicose and spider Veins in pregnancy.

While many women will experience no discomfort from varicose veins, others may notice they throb.