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Pregnancy Aches & Pains

Abdominal Pain

Learn about lower abdominal pain in pregnancy.

Many women experience lower abdominal pain during the early weeks of pregnancy. Many reasons for this, from gas or even from constipation.

Early Pregnancy Pain

Early pregnancy abdominal pain has four major causes.

Early abdominal pain is common in the first trimester of pregnancy. Four major causes of early abdominal pain in the early weeks of pregnancy.

Acid Reflux

Acid reflux during pregnancy is very common.

It’s fairly common for women to have acid reflux when they’re pregnant. As pregnancy progresses, the acid reflux commonly gets worse.

Back Pain

How to Get Relief from Back Pain

Relief from back pain by the American College of Ob/Gyn. Learn the techniques to get relief.

Migraine Headaches

Headaches in Pregnancy

For immediate treatment of your migraine headache read about the recommended treatments.


Learn the tips to help prevent heartburn.

You may not be able to completely eliminate heartburn. Learn the tips to help prevent it.

Hip Pain

Hip Pain in Pregnancy

How to get relief from pregnancy hip pain, there are things you can do.

Leg Cramps

Leg Cramps in Pregnancy

Leg cramps are one of the major reasons for sleep disturbances in pregnancy.

Pelvic Pain

Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy

As your pregnancy progresses toward, you may notice pain in your pelvic area.

Round Ligament Pain

Round Ligament Pain in Pregnancy

Round ligament pain is a sharp, piercing pain in your lower abdomen area.

Sciatica in Pregnancy

Sciatica in Pregnancy

You can get relief from your sciatica symptoms. Learn the techniques.

Best Sleep Positions

Learn the recommended sleep positiones in pregnancy

Learn the best sleep positions for specific problems seen commonly in pregnancy.

Pregnancy Massage

When you are pregnant, massage must be adapted to accommodate your pregnant body.

How is a pregnancy massage different than other types of massage?