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21st Century Pregnancy: iPhones and Apps, Oh My!

Reviewed by James Brann, M.D.

iPhones and Apps, Oh My!

If you are one of the lucky millions with a smart phone and the ability to download apps on the go, then pregnancy can be a digitized joy! From due date predictors to calendar apps that keep track of appointments and important developmental dates, the world of free and low-cost apps seems to be ever expanding for expectant mothers.

BabyCenter: My Pregnancy Today

This clever app is free for both Android and iPhone, and offers handy tracking features as well as a nutrition and community connection feature. Keep tabs on appointments, eat well, and learn from other mamas-to-be with just one app? Priceless.

Pregnancy Companion

pregnancy can be a digitized joy

This app for iPhones was created by OB/Gyns, and their info is focused on one thing: helping you have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Can you eat that sushi? Which yoga poses should you avoid? Is your ultrasound normal? Find out with this helpful and unique app.

Baby Pool

If your friends and relatives are the first to sign up for fantasy football leagues or love a good bet, then this cheapie app is for you. Simply link it to your social media accounts and let your loved ones know that the betting has begun! Invite speculation on the sex, weight, length, due date, eye color, or whatever else you think people would want to guess about. When the baby arrives, enter his or her stats and the app will find who was closest! Award that special someone with the first visit with Baby or a special keepsake of your new addition.


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