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Postpartum Recovery

Cesarean Birth Recovery

Learn about the recovery from a cesarean birth.

Recovery from a cesarean delivery is much like recovery from a vaginal delivery. Except you will require a little extra help the first few weeks after a cesarean delivery.

Postpartum Mood Swings

Learn about post partum baby blues or mood swings.

Postpartum mood swings or baby blues develop within two to three days after delivery and resolve within two weeks. Forty to 80% of new moms develop these mood swings.

Normal Vaginal Birth Recovery

Every woman's recovery a vaginal birth will be different.

How well you recover after a vaginal delivery will depend on a number of factors. Expect to go through both physical and emotional adjustments after delivery.

Weight Loss after Giving Birth

How to lose all the pounds that you aquired during pregnancy.

To help you achieve your post-partum weight loss goals, and lose baby fat, you want to eat a balanced diet and have a regular exercise plan.