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Looking and Feeling Good During Pregnancy

Reviewed by James Brann, M.D.

This is a Time to Appreciate your Body

I've had a lot of experience with pregnant women, I see them every day. Trust me when I say pregnancy is beautiful, because I know. I see the beauty of pregnancy everywhere I turn. Some women appreciate their pregnant appearance; others do not - either because they aren't feeling well or because they are uncomfortable with the changes.

Comfortable or not, feeling under the weather or as if you're floating on air, your body is beautiful pregnant, from that healthier head of hair right down to your toes. Relish the changes, embrace them. This is a time to appreciate your body...after all, it's a miracle maker.

That glow everyone says you've got?

You've got it, whether you feel it or not. Why not dress to show off you're glowing self? Now, I know there are days when you're not feeling your best; pregnancy brings more than your fair share of those days. But, what about those days when your excitement and feelings of "all is well with the world?" Wouldn't you like more of those days? Sometimes, looking good is the catalyst for feeling good.

So, stop wearing your sweetie's sweatpants or closing your pre-pregnancy pants with a looped rubber band. Nine months is a long time to adapt a wardrobe. Invest in some good maternity clothing, get a good haircut, and think about your skin care regime. Put your best foot forward (even those swollen ones) and show the world how beautiful pregnancy can be.

Hair and Makeup

Beauty tips for the mom-to-be:

    Looking good in pregnancy is the catalyst for feeling good.
  • Tone down makeup to let your glow show

  • Keep skin moisturized

  • Use sunscreen

  • Simplify your hair style

  • Make and keep monthly salon appointments, hair grows more quickly during pregnancy; you'll benefit from the pampering

  • Avoid hair dyes, use vegetable based dyes if you aren't willing to give up your monthly coloring appointment

Does your everyday makeup routine complement your pregnancy glow?

Professional makeup artists recommend that you reevaluate your makeup. You probably don't need as much color as you normally use as hormones are giving you a natural radiance. A trip to the makeup counter (and the undivided attention you receive there) for a pregnancy makeover may be fun. You deserve it!

Not a makeup wearer? No problem. You're skin's glowing anyway, giving you an extra healthy look. All you need is a moisturizer with sunscreen, a little lip balm, and you're ready to "face" the world.

Your body sure does experience a lot of changes during pregnancy. One of the extra little blessings which comes along with the tremendous little blessing in your life is fuller, thicker, possibly even shinier hair. Thank those hormones for that natural beauty booster.

Talk to your hairdresser about styles which flatter your face.

If time for hair care is not an issue now, good for you. It probably will be once baby arrives. Making small, flattering changes to hair style can make you feel great. (And if they don't, small changes grow back in quickly.)

Many women are tempted to cut their hair dramatically during pregnancy. I've seen it time and time again. Hairdressers recommend that while a shorter cut may give you a fresh outlook, major changes in style should be carefully considered. Think about drastic cuts for at least a week before putting yourself into that beauty shop chair. If you still want the style after a week of consideration, go for it.

What about color?

Hair color is a touchy subject for pregnant women. If you've got gray you're anxious to cover, then you don't want to hear my advice to go au natural for nine months. Or even just for the first trimester, as some physicians support. You can live without your highlights, your vibrant color streaks, and even your gray coverage. Talk to your doctor and get his/her stance on hair color.

Fashions and you when dressing for two

There was a time when maternity clothing was down right unattractive, changing conservative, trendy, sophisticated, or even bohemian women into frilly, frou-frou, puffs of pink or muumuu wearing mamas, regardless of individual taste and preferences. You are lucky to be pregnant at a time when maternity clothing is not a distinct style. Or lack of style. You are pregnant at a time when maternity wear has as many styles as there are in mainstream fashion.

You can wear man-tailored maternity button-down shirts, retro printed minis, traditional khakis, low rider jeans, track suits, yoga pants, business suits, bikinis...the sky's the limit. In a nut shell, you can dress like you normally do, only with some comfortable room for your growing body.


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