Women's Healthcare Topics

Lifestyle during Pregnancy

How to Announce Your Pregnancy

What is the best way to tell your partner that the two of you are about to become three?

Two key people need to be informed immediately, your partner and your doctor.

Pregnancy after Thirty-Five

Increasing number of women are deciding to have babies later and later in life.

Older moms may need to visit the doctor more often and endure special tests.

Tips for Getting Pregnant After 35

Mayo Clinic suggests couples where the woman is 35 or older should talk with a doctor if she isn’t pregnant within six months.

Women older than 35 may not ovulate each month, so chart your ovulation cycle.

Back to Back Pregnancies

What are the Risks Associated with Back to Back Pregnancies of Less than Six Months?

What is the optimal interval between pregnancies? What are the risks?

Father-To-Be Changed

Sometimes the News of Impending Fatherhood Seems to Change a Man

Is your baby's father to be the same man he always was now that you're pregnant?

Household Cleaning Safety

Safety Precautions when Cleaning in Pregnancy

Many household cleaning products aren't safe for pregnant women. "Partner"?

Want a Large Family?

There are advantages and disadvantages to a larger family.

If you want a large family, there are some things you must consider.

Lifestyle Choices

Before you are pregnant, start examining your health and lifestyle choices.

You should avoid bad habits when you are pregnant. These include smoking, drinking, and drugs.

Education of Siblings

Education of Siblings about your Pregnancy

Education of siblings about your pregnancy and provide age appropriate educational materials.

Unplanned Pregnancy

What is right for you? Keeping the baby, adoption, or termination of your pregnancy (abortion)?

Unplanned pregnancies can often come as a shock. What are your unplanned pregnancy choices.