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Crazy, Vivid Dreams in Pregnancy

Reviewed by James Brann, M.D.

Dreams in Pregnancy

In the second trimester and onward, you should expect to have some crazy, vivid dreams. Your dreams may be so vivid that they appear real once you first wake up. Interestingly, you spend less time in rapid eye movement (REM) sleep during the second and third trimester. However, you may be remembering your dreams better, since your REM sleep is constantly being interrupted due to sleep disturbances - such as frequent urination, restless syndrome, round ligament pain, heartburn and ingestion.

Your vivid dreams in the second trimester may be due to your heightened emotions. No matter if you're overjoyed or feeling apprehensive about your pregnancy, your emotions may play into the type of dreams you're having.

There are several common themes that run in pregnant women's dreams. They include:

    Learn about your dreams in pregnancy.
  • Caring for baby animals – It's not uncommon for pregnant women to dream about taking care of friendly cuddly, baby-like animals. For example, you may dream of puppies and kittens in the second trimester. These friendly animals are thought to signify that you're tuned into your maternal instincts. On the other hand, if you dream of scary, menacing animals, this may signify that you feel uneasy about a new baby entering your life.

  • Dreams about a former flame – You may feel embarrassed if you start dreaming about an ex-boyfriend or ex-lover, but it's actually pretty common to dream about a former flame during pregnancy.

  • Your partner is cheating – If you dream about your husband or partner hooking up with an ex-girlfriend or a complete stranger, this may signal that you're insecure about your relationship. You may be afraid that your partner may stop loving you. Because you're dependent on the support of the people around you, you should discuss your feelings with your partner.

  • Someone is attacking you – Dreaming that you're being attacked is rather common. It's often an indication that you're anxious or fearful of an unknown aspect of your life. Perhaps, you're afraid of whether or not your baby is going to be healthy, or if you will have that immediate bond with him or her.


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