Women's Healthcare Topics

Giving Birth - Childbirth

Vaginal Birth
vs. Cesarean Section

Learn about vaginal birth vs. cesarean birth the pros and cons

The pros and cons of vaginal birth vs cesarean section.

Cesarean Birth
at Maternal Request

Learn about your option to choose a cesarean birth.

Did you know you can choose a cesarean birth and avoid labor.

Childbirth Preparation Classes
are a Wonderful

Learn about the different types of childbirth classes available for you.

Find out why you should take a childbirth preparation class and the types available.

Cord Blood Banking

Learn about cord blood storage.

Once the umbilical cord has been cut, the cord blood is extracted and sent for freezing.

Delivery of Twin Babies

Learn how twins are delivered.

Many twin pregnancies are delivered earlier than pregnancies with only one baby. Depending on the “type” of twin pregnancy it dictates your delivery method.

Epidural for Childbirth

Learn about an epidural anesthetic for pain management.

Do you know you could get immediate and continuous pain relief with a new anesthetic technique called a “CSE” or combination spinal/epidural anesthesia technique.

False vs. True Labor

Learn the differences between true labor vs. false labor.

Perhaps the biggest question on most women's minds, is whether they will be able to identify true vs. false labor.

Labor Pain Mangement

Learn about giving birth with or without pain management.

Labor pain management involves both you and your physician. You can do the following...

Natural Labor Inducers

Learn about some of the more popular labor inducering techniques.

Popular labor inducers. Realistically speaking, no labor inducing technique will work unless your baby is ready.

Postterm Pregnancy

Learn about a pregnancy past the 42nd week.

Postterm pregnancy is when your baby is not born by 42 weeks.

Preterm Labor

Learn about the risks for preterm labor.

Learn about preterm labor risks and how to prevent an early labor.

Incompetent Cervix

Learn about the risks of Incompetent Cervix.

With cervical insufficiency, you won't feel any discomfort.

Stages of Labor & Delivery

Learn about how you progress through the different stages of labor.

Learn the four stages of labor.

Cord Clamping Timing

Timing of umbilical cord clamping.

Delayed cord clamping; has benefits for preterm infants.

Vaginal Birth after Cesarean

Learn about a vaginal birth after having a cesarean birth or VBAC.

Vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) delivery: what every mother should know.

What to Bring to the Hospital

Learn what to pack to bring to the hospital for your delivery.

It is a good idea to have your hospital bags ready to go from about 35 weeks.