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Week 35: This Baby Ain’t So Itty Bitty!

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35 weeks pregnant 3d ultrasound of baby's face

I’ll start with a confession. I have the good fortune, as a result of being a science writer for the children’s hospital, of being in frequent contact with a wide variety of leading scientists and clinicians specializing in pediatrics. This week I was lucky enough to have a meeting with the hospital’s chief of urology. After we’d covered all the official business, I moved on to a rather selfish question.

You may remember that the anatomy ultrasound I had mid-pregnancy found enlarged kidneys in my son, and that I’ve been following up with maternal and fetal specialists to keep tabs on his health. Although I’ve been assured by several doctors that enlarged kidneys are not typically anything to be concerned about, I figured I’d double check by asking the city’s top specialist about it. Thankfully, he reassured me. He said the problem is common and virtually always resolves on its own after birth—Baby just needs an ultrasound once he’s born and to follow-up with a specialist if the kidneys are still enlarged. Good news!

The Final Ultrasound

Shortly after my impromptu consultation with the urologist, I had my final ultrasound with the specialists to check his kidneys. Although they’ve grown a tiny bit, they aren’t significantly worse. Phew. Even better, we got to see that baby has some peach fuzz on his little head. They were also able to measure his head, tummy, and weight. Apparently he’s no itty bitty baby—6 pounds, 6 ounces already!

This was a particularly shocking bit of news for me, since that’s about what my friend’s baby boy weighed when he was born at 38 weeks. It’s even more alarming now that I know my husband and both of his sisters were 9 pound babies…looks like I could be in for a big baby!

We were hoping to see his whole face, since by now his features are supposed to more accurately represent what he will look like when he is born, but alas, he did not cooperate. Baby hid his face, so we only got a little glimpse of his chin and nose from below. After the next regular visit with the obstetrician, I’ll be up to weekly appointments until he arrives. Crazy—that means he’s coming soon…

Out and About for Baby

Since my nesting desires set in last week, I’ve been eager to tackle errands and projects. I needed to get out for a number of reasons this week, not least of which was to find the perfect “first outfit” for Baby to pack in his hospital bag. After three hours on the town, I had wrapped up my errands and found, not his first outfit, but a cute little Batman onesie. I couldn’t resist! I suppose his first outfit hunt will have to wait until next weekend.

After running errands, however, the rest of my day was pretty much shot. By about halfway through my time out, I found myself desperately searching for benches and chairs to use. I have to admit I sat in the shoe aisle at Target for a full ten minutes, only pretending to actually look at shoes.

Lately, standing is the toughest activity for me—not walking, not climbing stairs, not even dashing to catch a shuttle. Just standing still in line or while browsing at a store drains my energy faster than anything else. What’s worse, however, is the exhaustion that comes after bouts of standing. The rest of the day, I couldn’t get anything done around the house. I just had to sit and prop my feet up. I even started getting, for the first time, round ligament pains.

Since the day I overdid it on errands, I’ve started having the ligament pains occasionally when changing position or heading up stairs at work. Thankfully, I’ve only felt these sharp pains on the right side of my body. Now I know not to push myself when I really just want to take a seat—no more marathon outings for me!

I learned my lesson, and now I’m off to rest from just a half-marathon outing.

Until next week,

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July 16, 2013, 3:58 pm Kim

Ooofta, I got round ligament pain at around 16 and 20 weeks on my right side. Ouch! Haven’t had it come back, but it sort of knocks the wind out of you! Hope you get some relief soon!

Your babe is going to be here so soon!!! I’m so excited for you :)