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Week 33: Baby has a (Secret) Name!

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33 weeks pregnant

Yes, it’s true. We’ve pretty much decided on a name for Baby. Until very recently, we were having a terrible time narrowing down a gigantic list and were always adding more any time one of us picked up a baby name book. We were out at dinner one night and decided that we were never going to make any progress unless we set some boundaries. I said I liked a particular nickname we had tossed about (one that has a handful of options for the related root name). Hubby agreed that he was happy with that nickname and suggested we limit ourselves to options that fit it.

Wow—progress right there! But did we stop? No! I said I liked a particular choice for the middle name. Hubby agreed. More progress! Then I listed two options for the first name, either of which I would have been happy with. Hubby named his favorite of those two, I agreed, and—voila! We suddenly had a name! We were so shocked by it that we had to ask ourselves if we had seriously just come up with our son’s probable name before the appetizer had even arrived. It seems that we have.

After a couple of weeks of mulling over our choice, we still like the name—I think it’s strong, offers Baby a variety of nice nickname options, and still has a full form that sounds professional. It’s a relatively popular name based on the Social Security Administration’s rankings, but we think his nickname and middle name will make it unique enough for our tastes.

Reveal the Baby’s Name or Keep it a Secret?

As you might have guessed based on the title of this post, we’ve decided to keep Baby’s name under wraps until he’s officially arrived. This not only offers us the chance to change it if we want (if he comes out a redhead, he WILL be named Russell—I want to be able to call him Rusty!), but it also allows us as parents to share a bit of private excitement about welcoming our baby and announcing his name to everyone at once.

Mind you, we’ve had to stand firm, and it hasn’t been very easy. My sister insists on calling him by something, and she teasingly landed on Bobert (which the rest of my family has picked up as well). My sister-in-law grilled me for a complete half hour (Luke? Logan? Am I close?). My husband’s grandmother jokingly offered to pay for his college tuition if we revealed the name—I asked her to put it in writing and said then we could talk! She must not have wanted to know that badly after all…Shucks.

All in all, I understand people’s desire to know his anticipated name, but at the same time, I don’t want to limit ourselves. I also don’t want tons of things monogrammed or knitted with one name if we end up changing it to something else! So Baby’s name will have to be a secret.

So That’s What Fetal Hiccups Feel Like!

I have heard tons of women talk about fetal hiccups since I became pregnant. Truth is, however, I was always uncertain as to whether they knew what they were talking about. Hiccups? Surely we couldn’t tell what was a hiccup from out here! Surely hiccups would be too gentle or uncommon for us to know what was truly going on! Ahem. I stand corrected.

I had noticed, pretty much since the time I started feeling regular movement, that I would occasionally feel steady, small pulses in my lower right side. I thought the baby was just giving a series of little punches on a regular schedule. Silly me. I finally decided to Google “fetal hiccups” one day on my lunch break, and found out that those regular little pulses are, indeed, baby hiccups.

Apparently they have been documented on ultrasounds and simply indicate that your baby is practicing breathing and swallowing, which can give them the hiccups on occasion. So basically, I’ve been feeling the baby hiccup almost daily for about two months, and I naively thought they were just a little mini punching routine…ah, I will never doubt the experienced mamas again!

Am I Supposed to be THIS Tired?

With the parents in town for a quick visit and a brief heat wave through town, I’ve started to notice a theme: I get tired, and quickly! I find it hard to stand still even for short periods of time. I do better when I’m moving or walking, but I definitely have learned to keep my eyes peeled for a place to sit. I actually just sat in the shoe aisle in Target the other day because I needed a rest. I pretended I was looking at the shoes across from me, but really, I was just pooped!

This tiredness, especially on hot or humid days, has awakened in me a new love of naps. I’ve never been a good napper because it takes me too long to fall asleep, but boy, have they been a lifesaver! I’ve taken a few solid naps (sometimes only a couple of hours before bedtime) and have felt loads better. More human, less cranky. More rested, less drained. Definitely worth the time out of my evenings or weekends. Now all I have to do is find a good nap room at work…

Till next week,

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June 28, 2013, 12:05 pm Kim

Jealous of your name decisiveness!! We need to get on the ball with that. Haha. And kudos for keeping it a secret–it will be fun for the two of you to get used to the name without others’ opinions ;)

The heat is making me more tired than usual, too–yay naps!

You look great!