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Week 30: When Flights of Stairs Become Mount Everest

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30 Weeks Pregnant

Maybe I’m a bit short on iron in my diet, but it seems that lately just the three flights of stairs to my office can seem like a bit too much work. I huff and I puff and I eventually get there, tired before I even start the day. I even told someone else to start ahead of me the other day so that she wouldn’t be stuck behind me if I slowed—which I typically do by flight number two. Thankfully, going down is much easier. Less fatiguing.

In general, my energy levels seem pretty stable, but they are stably low this week. I’m exhausted for most of the work day, so I’m very lucky that when I get home, the Hubs takes note and offers to cook or take care of most of the household chores. I’ve been trying to keep up on my snack and water intake, as I suspect that my energy could depend quite a bit on regular sustenance, but sometimes I go to three meetings in a row without the chance to nosh on almonds or refill my water bottle. Oh, the inconveniences of office life when you’re pregnant!

The office isn’t all bad, I should be careful to say. I love the work, and—even better—the welcoming environment my building has for expectant parents. Shortly after I started the job, another pregnant employee came up to me and asked, “Have you heard about the buckets?”

“Um, buckets? No.”

“Yeah, there are these giant buckets of maternity clothes that just get passed from pregnant lady to pregnant lady. I have them now, but I’ll bring them in and you can use what you want. Then you’ll just pass them on to the next girl!”

Sweet. She wasn’t kidding! I got two huge buckets of clothes, some of which fit perfectly and all of which was appropriate for the office. I guess the working world isn’t so bad after all!

Getting to the Scary Stuff: Learning about Labor

Hiring a doula has, as I think I’ve mentioned, inspired me to read a bit more about exactly what I can expect when it’s “show time.” I decided to ask a friend to talk a bit about her delivery last fall, and she was kindly willing to comply.

I’ll spare you the gory details, of which there were mercifully few, and simply offer the main takeaways I got from her experience.

Takeaway #1: Everyone will react to the pain differently. I know this because (as her husband corroborated) she was largely silent during contractions. I will most definitely not be.

Takeaway #2: Pain relievers aren’t a copout. She got an epidural after hours and hours of pain, contractions, and stress. She experienced labor and delivered a healthy baby. That’s what we’re all doing—pain relief or not—right?

Takeaway #3: Pack in advance. This includes the car seat being ready in the trunk and actually knowing how to install it. It also means both you and whoever your partner will be for delivery should have your gear set to go. When it’s time, it’s time—you don’t want to be worrying about packing undies or a hairbrush. Or an outfit for the baby!

If any of you are willing to share some tips from your own delivery experiences, I’ll be an eager listener! Feel free to spread the wisdom below or on our Facebook page. An anxious mom-to-be (like me) may benefit immensely from your experience!

Onto the 31st week,

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June 18, 2013, 11:08 pm Brandy

One labor tip I have(and this may be old news by now), but you do not have to be stuck on your back! Now if you get a epidural it might be a little different, but being on your back is not conducive to pushing out a baby. There are many other poses that work great and make childbirth easier. Squatting seemed to make my delivery infinitely more bearable.

June 13, 2013, 12:24 am Katie

Yup! Recently watched a birth video at the doula’s suggestion, but I think it was a bad idea…now I’m thinking just about how painful it will be! Maybe I will be saying “bring on the drugs!”