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A World of Pregnancy Info—in Graphics

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Best Pregnancy Infographics on the Web

For those new to the term, an “infographic” is just what it sounds like: an informative graphic, or a picture that combines data and facts with images or drawings. They are taking the web by storm and throwing website managers into a mad dash to develop graphics that people want to share with others. Why do I bring them up? Infographics can be a very cool and simple way to get fun info on pregnancy.

From the hopelessly cheesy to the fabulously informative, I thought I’d give you all a peek at my five favorite pregnancy infographics.

Top 5 Pregnancy Infographics

  1. Want to get pregnant? Want some cheesy but mostly accurate advice on tips for boosting fertility? Then check out The 10 Commandments of Getting Pregnant. Despite the fact that number 8 and 10 have the same title, the graphic offers some cheeky info to help couples up their chances of conceiving. For those just beginning to consider getting pregnant or for those having difficulty, this graphic can offer a starting place for potential roadblocks to investigate or avoid.
  2. How do you know that your pregnant? What are the top signs and symptoms (other than that confusing pregnancy test)? Just check out the infographic called Top Pregnancy Symptoms for your answers. Short, sweet, and illustrated. Nice.
  3. Ever wonder why prenatal vitamins are even necessary, especially if you already eat a balanced diet? I did. Then I saw this Australian infographic on how much of those healthy things you would actually have to eat everyday to get the amount of vitamins and minerals contained in your average prenatal pill…So ask yourselves, Mums-to-be, are you getting the nutrients you need?
  4. Now that the pregnancy is confirmed, you’re popping your prenatal pills, and baby is all set to go, how will your body change? From top to bottom, check out the many changes you can expect to see with this (rather medically inclined) but thorough infographic on the Body Changes During Pregnancy.
  5. Will you ever look this cheery during your pregnancy? I don’t know. All I know is that my baby’s somewhere between the size of an eggplant and a cabbage (however that works, geometrically), and that this is kind of cute. Pregnancy Week by Week (almost) is, at the very least, kind of cute.

The Tip of the Pregnancy Infographic Iceberg

As well as these little graphics walk you through the basics of pregnancy, they are by no means the only things out there to offer fun, shareable info on this special time of your life. For those in search of graphics on pregnancy statistics, there are pieces aplenty. Interested in something specific, like how to adjust your financial planning when baby’s on the way? They’ve got that, too. And graphics on human vs. animal pregnancies, how many diapers you’ll need the first year, what the heck to do with a newborn baby, and so on.

Although not always thought-provoking and comprehensive, infographics may be a great way to share info about your pregnancy with friends and family or to brush up on some general facts about what you can expect. Or, just share some pregnancy humor, like this (one of my faves!): When is it okay to ask a woman if she is pregnant?

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June 3, 2013, 2:41 am Melissa

Thanks for this! Lot’s of great info. I love the 10 commandments of getting pregnant!