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Screening and Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

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Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Testing Blood Sugar

All of the screening and diagnostic tests for diabetes involve drinking glucose-containing drinks and blood glucose measurements. If the tests identify gestational diabetes, you will be informed and asked to change your diet, requested to make more frequency prenatal visits, start monitoring your blood glucose levels at home, possible start insulin therapy, and have additional maternal [...]

Pregnant & Packing? Preparing for a Healthy Move

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Pregnant & Packing? Preparing for a Healthy Move

Moving and starting a family are major life challenges that can significantly affect a mom-to-be who's about to have a new home. Although you may be eager to take on moving full force, recognizing and accepting limitations can help alleviate moving-related stress and anxiety. Dealing with the mental, emotional and physical demands of moving from [...]

Week 35: This Baby Ain’t So Itty Bitty!

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35 weeks pregnant 3d ultrasound of baby's face

I’ll start with a confession. I have the good fortune, as a result of being a science writer for the children’s hospital, of being in frequent contact with a wide variety of leading scientists and clinicians specializing in pediatrics. This week I was lucky enough to have a meeting with the hospital’s chief of urology. [...]

Week 34: Pregnant at Work, “Dropping,” and Nesting

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34 weeks pregnant

There are certainly excellent things about working while pregnant. Number one is the cash (tied perhaps with personal fulfillment?). Other perks include an extra baby shower, distraction from thoughts that my body will never be the same, nice comments from coworkers about my “glow,” and friendly advice from other parents. One definite negative of being [...]

Don’t Forget Your Iron! Avoiding Anemia During Pregnancy

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Iron During Pregnancy

Although some women manage to eat a diet rich in iron without even trying, many tend to fall short in iron. Any lack of dietary iron can be exacerbated during pregnancy, especially if an expectant mother decides to take prenatal vitamins without iron—a common decision because of the nausea often caused by iron supplements. Pregnancy [...]

Week 33: Baby has a (Secret) Name!

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33 weeks pregnant

Yes, it’s true. We’ve pretty much decided on a name for Baby. Until very recently, we were having a terrible time narrowing down a gigantic list and were always adding more any time one of us picked up a baby name book. We were out at dinner one night and decided that we were never [...]

Can You Really “Not Know” You’re Pregnant Until Delivery?

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Is It Possible to Have No Clue You're Pregnant Until the Baby is Born?

Perhaps you’ve seen Discovery’s hit series, “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant,” or perhaps you’ve heard of “surprise” pregnancies and deliveries from another source. I remember reading an article about it years ago in a teen magazine: a slim, athletic teenager got through an entire pregnancy completely unawares, only to suddenly give birth on a [...]

Week 31: Can Three Pounds Cause All This?

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31 Weeks Pregnant

Prior to pregnancy, my weight would vary slightly throughout the year—a few pounds higher around the holidays, a few pounds lower during the summer months of salads for dinner. For the first time, my weight has gone up and up (and up). It seems like every time I go through a mini growth spurt, however, [...]

Safe Slings and Wraps: Be Smart about “Babywearing”

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Safe Slings, Wraps, and Infant Carriers

A few years ago, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced some general recommendations for the use of popular “babywearing” items like slings and wraps. The announcement came on the heels of more than 12 reported infant deaths caused by suffocation over the previous decades. Unfortunately, many health agencies and consumer groups interpreted the [...]

Mom’s Endometriosis Means Increased Risk for Daughter

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mother's endometriosis diagnosis increases her daughter's risk

Thanks to the comprehensive Danish medical record system, researchers have more firmly established a family link in endometriosis risk. In addition, the recent study examined the reproductive outcomes among women born to mothers with endometriosis. Researchers have long recognized a familial connection of endometriosis—a tissue disorder that can cause severe pelvic pain and infertility—but, until [...]

The (Re)Customization of Labor and Delivery

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labor and delivery

For those women pregnant for the first (or even the fifth!) time, it may come as a surprise that—OB and hospital willing—just about everything about the labor and delivery process can be tailored to the mother’s preferences. Mothers delivering at home or in a birth center have even more options for personalizing their experiences. From [...]

Week 27: Boy, this Baby Boy is Lucky!

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27 weeks pregnant

Surprise, surprise! Baby got a second baby shower. It’s nice to be one of the youngest in a choir by a solid decade (or two)—everyone I sing with is as excited about Baby as my own family. This lucky boy got a nice little party after last week’s practice. It resulted in a stunning homemade [...]